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Published 04/10/2015 at 12:08am UTC

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Here are instructions and tips for adjusting your audio and video settings during your videoconference. These can be useful if you are interested in:



Adjust your speaker volume

1. Tap on the other person's video feed, and a volume bar will appear near the bottom. Drag the volume indicator to the left or right to change the volume of the other person speaking.

Volume bar on other person's video tile



Mute your microphone

1. Tap on the microphone icon along the bottom of your screen to mute (or unmute) your mic. 

Mute button



Mute your camera 

1. Tap on the camera icon along the bottom of your screen.

Screencap showing what the panel looks like and where it is located on the video tile


2. Tape the "Mute Camera" checkbox to turn off or on your camera feed.         

Screencap showing the mute camera option



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