VSee: Starting a videoconference session

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Published 12/27/2013 at 3:00pm UTC

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This article illustrates how to start a session as a host. (If you are a participant, please see How do invitees join a videoconference session? instead.)


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1. When you log into the website, you will automatically land on your Dashboard. If you have navigated to another page, just click on the "Videoconference" tab along top of your browser window to get back to the Dashboard. 

SecureVideo Dashboard tab


2.  Your invitees can have three different statuses:

  • Not in Waiting Room (dot is gray):
    They are not online.
  • In Waiting Room (dot is green, Connect button is blue):
    They are online and waiting to be connected to you. 
  • In Session (dot is blue, Connect button is white):
    They are online and currently connected to you.

Example of a session with one participant not in waiting room, one participant in waiting room, one participant in session



3. When your invitee has entered the waiting room, use the Connect button to connect with them. (This will launch VSee for you.)



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